Project Setup (New Users)

For many AgileVentures projects, we have a set of tools we use regularly. The steps described here apply to these projects. For more specific instructions, please refer to the project's documentation.

Step 1: Register on GitHub

GitHub is a great place to host public Git repositories, and it is used for all of AgileVentures projects. It makes collaborating over the same code base a painless and transparent process. If you haven't already, register for a GitHub account here.

Step 2: Install Git

Git is our preferred tool for collaborative coding. It is a powerful version control system which manages code across multiple machines and collaborators. To install Git, run the following command:


The installer can be downloaded here


sudo apt-get install git

For more information, visit Git's Getting Started page.

Step 3: Fork the Project

Forking the project creates a copy of the code base which you can modify without affecting the main code base. Once you are satisfied with your changes, you can make a pull request to the main repository.

  1. Visit the project homepage on GitHub (usually something like<ProjectName>). A list of repositories can be found here.
  2. Fork the project by clicking the Fork button on the top-right hand corner.
  3. Wait while the repository is being forked.
  4. All done!

Now that you have a fork of the project, copy the URL for the repository (just below the sidebar on the right) and clone the project using Git:

cd to/working/directory
git clone<your-github-name>/WebsiteOne

Now you are all ready to contribute!

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