Scrum checklists - distributed teams

The SCRUM MASTER checklist

  • update list of impediments from daily scrum, emails and other contact
  • follow up on impediments above
  • order any team equipment
  • write sprint report to stake holders (once a sprint)
  • chase up any information holding up sprint backlog
  • make sure Pivotaltracker is updated
  • arrange meetings and have chats to coach any new or needy team members, product owners or stakeholders

The PRODUCT OWNER checklist

  • update backlog daily with any changes
  • prioritize backlog daily based on business value
  • meet stakeholders when needed to coordinate and capture requirements
  • liaise with team to clarify requirements and make trade offs communicate release plan to stakeholders

The TEAM checklist

  • update Pivotaltracker
  • report any impediments to scrum master
  • communicate with product owner before attempting and after completing a story
  • achieve daily targets
  • maintain team communication
  • keep solutions simple
  • focus on ship-ability
    • pair programming
    • code review
    • continuous refactoring

Inspired by Pashun Consulting

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