Tmux set up for Remote Pair Programming

Installation script

You can launch Amazon EC2 instance for "free tier eligible" or you can use any other hosting.
If you launch Ubuntu server you can execute a script that installs all the necessary software on your server.

Clone and run the setup script.

cd $HOME
sudo apt-get install -y git-core
git clone

Getting started

  • Run sudo passwd ubuntu, create password for default user (ubuntu).
  • Run chsh -s /bin/zsh, change default shell from bash to zsh.
  • Run gh-auth add --users=GITHUB_USERNAME, github-auth allows you to quickly pair with anyone who has a GitHub account by adding and removing their public ssh keys from your authorized_keys file.


  • A user-specific configuration file should be located at ~/.tmux.conf
  • The prefix key (Ctrl-b) changed to (`) because (Ctrl-b) is not acceptable, due to emacs, bash, and vim
  • Run tmux Strat a new session
  • \` b OR \` :detach Detach from currently attached session
  • Run tmux ls OR tmux list-sessions list sessions
  • Run tmux attach re-attach a detached session

Installation WebsiteOne

The script also clones the WebsiteOne project and runs all the steps needed to set up the development enviroment for you.

Run ./setup/

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