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Want to grab a single directory from a GitHub repository?

Created by Thomas Ochman, over 7 years ago, tagged with SVN, version control, Git

I was playing around with RMagick for a work related project and found myself in a situation...

Project Setup (New Users)

Created by Bryan Yap, about 8 years ago, tagged with AgileVentures, Git

For many AgileVentures projects, we have a set of tools we use regularly. The steps described...

The difference between merging and rebasing (and about squashing commits)

Created by Jon Mohrbacher, about 8 years ago, tagged with Git

In this video, Bryan demos the difference between merging from and rebasing to a remote branch...

The 5 minute staging server

Created by Pete Boucher, over 8 years ago, tagged with Git, deployment, DevOps

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