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Associate Membership

Agile Ventures Associate

Agile Ventures Associate Membership gives the following benefits

  • Supports the Agile Ventures mission to help charities and increase worldwide access to learning resources
  • Support on any questions you post to StackOverflow

Associate Sign up

Details of Plan Benefits:

Supports the Agile Ventures mission to support charities and increase worldwide access to learning resources

The main benefit from the associate plan is to help AgileVentures in its ongoing mission to support charities around the world with IT solutions and also make learning resources available globally to developers trying to level up and make the world a better place. We have to pay for server hosting etc. and every little helps cover our costs.

Support on any question you post to StackOverflow

Posting to StackOverflow or similar forums is a fantastic way to get quick feedback on any coding problem you may have. You’ll need to follow the guidelines on how to ask a good question, but assuming you do and you post a link to your question into the #techtalk channel, and follow any instructions from AV mentors on how to improve your question, then we’ll do our best to answer it, including starring it and up-voting to help attract the attention of others in case we cannot provide a direct answer ourselves.

Premium cost is currently £5 a month. Sign up to be an AgileVentures Associate

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Associate membership auto-renew each month?

Yes, you’ll be charged each month automatically - please email info@agileventures.org if you would like to cancel your subscription.

£5/month is a lot of money for me, surely you want membership to be affordable to everyone, everywhere?

Of course we do; however we also want to make our operation sustainable. Associate membership is a way of donating to our cause in order to make it sustainable.