The Forest Temple of Fireboy and Watergirl

Are you willing to stretch your mind a little? What about your digits? WaterGirl and FireBoy: The Forest Temple is a platformer with a twist by Oslo Albet. Join Fireboy and Watergirl as they explore the depths of the Forest Temple in search of... diamonds, apparently? Because... well, when have you ever needed an excuse to buy diamonds? You're simply being tough now. Instead of just one hero, The Forest Temple gives you two, and you'll need to employ both of them to progress through the levels. WaterGirl is controlled by the [WASD] keys, while FireBoy is directed by the [arrow] keys. Both at the same time. As you go through each level, you'll acquire diamonds; blue diamonds can only be obtained by WaterGirl, while red diamonds can only be obtained by FireBoy. If you wish to advance, you'll need to bring them both securely to respective departure doors, which is easier said than done. Green pools are lethal to both characters since they are weak to their opposite elements, such as pools of water or lava. If you make a mistake, you'll have to retry the level. (Alternatively, if you get stuck, click the green button at the bottom of the screen to restart manually.) But there's more to death than racing and jumping over watery/flaming/green death. You'll need to use some good old-fashioned cooperation, with one character holding down switches or platforms to allow the other to pass, and then finding a means to reunite them both in the end. Some levels merely want you to go through as quickly as possible. Others will ask you to maneuver both heroes at the same time. Others need you to obtain certain objects before you may depart. You will be assessed on your performance at the conclusion of each. (Or its absence.) You may go back and repeat previous levels to increase your rating or practice your water and fire abilities if you like. Of course, you could easily delegate the other side of the keyboard to someone else, but there's probably no faster way to alienate someone than to put them in control of your future success... or failure. Dear reader, I say this as your friend; you wouldn't want me to play this game with you. I can't hurt you more than while I'm attempting to assist you. Unless you have a buddy who you believe is a good enough friend to put up with being blamed for everything that goes wrong, you'll have to get to work. The Forest TempleAnalysis: If utilizing both hands to complete several activities at the same time is difficult for you, The Forest Temple will likely be more annoying than enjoyable. Given that placing one foot in front of the other might require you to redo the game, accidently shoving FireBoy into a pool of water when you wanted to move your watery heroine instead is... unappealing. To be sure, the game seldom asks you to accomplish two seemingly contradictory things at the same time, but still. Years of mindless one-button pressing have reduced the brain to a mush that reacts to bright colors and upbeat music. You're asking a lot of me to be in charge of two characters at the same time when they both need to be handled individually. But is it my fault or the fault of the game's designers? It ends up feeling like a mix of the two. The stages are mostly basic in design, and the difficulty level is determined by how well your right hand gets along with your left. People who do not have a QWERTY keyboard will likely find this considerably more difficult than most. When you remove this element, you'll get a nice, if typical, platforming experience. Timing and reflexes are critical, and there are several levels to practice them on.

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