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Agile Ventures Free Tier

Agile Ventures Free Tier Membership gives the following benefits

  • Access to AgileVentures Slack
  • Access to AgileVentures Community events, workshops and training
  • Project logistics advice and support

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Details of Plan Benefits:

Access to AgileVentures Slack

AgileVentures uses the Slack instant messaging service to support the coordination of all activities. Join hundreds of other AgileVentures developers and browse the difference project channels to take the pulse of real Agile projects.

Access to AgileVentures Community events, workshops and training

AgileVentures runs open meetings several times a day so you can hear about the latest developments on projects, propose new projects and hook up with potential pair partners. We organize events, mob-sessions and training at regular intervalls. You can join the majority of our activites directly from your browser. We are also streaming them on Twitch.tv

Project logistics advice and support

AgileVentures mission is to develop quality software for charities and other non-profits whilst also supporting the learning and development of individuals wishing to improve their teamwork and coding skills. AgileVentures software projects are all open source and open development.

Any project can become an AgileVentures project given that it meets at least two of the following criteria:

  • Open Source - the code base (not the data) need to be licensed under any of the many open source and free software licenses available.
  • Open Development Process - you and your team need to be committed to work “in the open”, mening that you allow other community members to join in and learn from you. This can be achieved by wourking in an online meeting and/or recording or streaming your work.
  • Charitable Objective Your “client” is a Non Profit Organization or Charity. Your application will need to be assessed by board of Trustees

There are many AV members that will be happy to draw on their many years of experience working on and supporting open source charity software projects. Ask in the #new_projects channel on Slack about setting up your new project, or in #project_support for additional help on your existing project

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