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Community news

Learn With AgileVentures - Summer Camp 2021

May 27th, 2021

The mission of our community is twofold: to provide members with learning opportunities and to help other charities and NGO’s develop their IT infrastructure.

We believe that the best way to learn is to work on the practical implementation of software-based in solutions. We want to move beyond tutorials and self-paced training offerings. We want to help our members develop skills that will lead them to a brighter future.

We are happy to announce our latest initiative: A 9-week long instructor-led training program on Web-technologies offered to a selected group of 10 students as active participants and streamed on Twitch for other community members and the general public as self-paced training. The curriculum will be based on professional training courses delivered pro-bono by trainers from the IT industry.

The 10 participants will be selected among the community volunteers through an application process.

Together, we’ll learn about Agile Methodologies, Software as a Service, Back-end development, and Front-end application development. We will also cover testing and best practices.

  • Delivered by a Coaching Team of 1 Head Coach and 2 Assistant Coaches
  • Instructor-led training sessions (1.5 hours) 2 times per week Tuesday and Thursday
  • Instructor-led support sessions (2 hours) 1 per week on weekends
  • Comprehensive course materials delivered digitally through Craft Academy Learning Management Plattform
  • Individual progress assessment by 2 Training Exams and a Final Exam
  • Team-based Capstone Project with planning, implementation and delivery.
  • Certificates issued by Craft Academy and Agile Ventures
  • Personalized Letter of Recommendation from the Coaching Team issued at graduation

If you feel that this is something for you, or if you know of an individual that might benefit from this program - make sure to submit an application to applications[@]agileventures.org

AgileVentures Charity Appoints New Chief Executive

April 29th, 2021

AgileVentures has appointed Mr. Thomas Ochman as its next chief executive.

Mr. Ochman is a senior developer and tech-entrepreneur with a focus on education, project management, and agile methodologies. He is currently running a training and education start-up in Sweden. His expertise in education and re-skilling projects will add to the mix of charitable activities AgileVentures offers to live up to its mission; to promote advancement of education of the general public as well as efficiency and effectiveness of other Third Sector organizations, by providing affordable software development and project management.

Bryan Yap, Chair of the Board of Trustees of AgileVentures, states: “The landscape of software development and learning is changing rapidly. Thomas’s appointment to the role as Chief Executive is a clear indication of our intention to ensure that we as a charity can help to further democratize technical education, and help our organization in these pivotal times.”

“Access to educational resources online has opened up tremendous opportunities for career advancement among students, especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds. We recognize that there is a widespread demand for learning in a social context that focuses not only on theoretical skills but also on practical project work”, Bryan Yap continues.

“Commitment to Open Source but also to what we call Open Learning, has been an integrated part of the AgileVentures process since inception. As an organization, we are committed to providing training for those who need it the most, but to also empower them to share their skills with others, and use them for a good cause.”, says Thomas Ochman and adds “I plan to expand on that by organizing community events, forming partnerships with key players in the industry, and increase our outreach among groups underrepresented in tech”

Thomas is a long time volunteer with Agileventures and one of the initial forces behind various initiatives of the charity. He joined the initial group of learners that AgileVentures former Chief Executive Samuel Joseph formed, to work on charity projects and develop the community of people around the world that shared commitment to Open Source Software.

Thomas will assume his new role immidietly. You can reach him at thomas[at]agileventures.org or on our Slack