NonProfit Basic Support

Need support for your NonProfit project, website or mobile app. Take out AgileVentures Basic level NonProfit support and you’ll get the following:

  • Your project is assigned a designated contact person within AV, who will take on an administrative role in the necessary Platform as a Service (PaaS) systems, e.g. Heroku, Drie, AWS, AppStore, Google Play
  • AV administrator will monitor the application
  • AV will provide advice to customer regarding ongoing operation, maintenance and so forth
  • AV will acknowledge contact requests within two business days
  • Basic tier includes 1 “incident” (contact, email exchange regarding a question, etc) per month - the initial “contact” to transfer the app to AV stewardship is included in the membership fee
  • Anything beyond the above, including actual help upgrading (Platform as a Service) PaaS or requests to further enhance the app, can be made available but require higher tier support
  • Naturally we work hard to ensure satisfaction, but in case of dissatisfaction, AV’s liability is strictly limited to refunding the membership fee

If you have any questions about NonProfit Support then please email

Pricing Plans

Free Basic
Access to AV Slack text chat support environment

Initial handoff (~1hour)
Support (~1hour a month)
Designated AV contact person
Upgrade and Planning support
Support requests acknowledged within 2 working days, resolution within 5
Initial handoff (~5 hours)
Support (~6 hour a month)

Initial handoff (~8 hours)

Support (~15 hour a month) - includes new feature development

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