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ADHD Workbench

ADHD Workbench is a collection of self-management tools for those with ADHD.


A Habit Tracker application for ADHD Workbench

A habit tracker is a table filled out by the user. On the vertical axis you have a list of dates for the month and a list of habits on the top horizontal axis. The intersection of row and column is a tick-box.

Throughout the day, a user ticks off habits as they complete them. The display of the habits being completed is visually encouraging. Some habits which are done multiple times per day may be counted with a 5 stroke system (although this may not be as important for digitally capturing the data).

Note: Many habits will be practiced every day, however goals of some habits may not be that habits are practiced every day, even though they may be asked daily. For example, a goal could be “Go to the gym at least three times per week” or “Read a chapter of a novel four times a fortnight” or “Visit Grandma twice a month”.

  • Dates in a month
  • List of tasks
  • Tickboxes
  • ? Multiple times per day ?

  • Task - short string

  • Current Month - date ? 1st of the month ?

  • Day of the month - date field

  • Completed - tickbox

  • User management system - user/password ?

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