Mission, Values and Goals

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AgileVentures is a non-profit organization and a community whose mission is to promote crowdsourced learning and open project development, provide tools and platform for crowdsourced learning and support socially responsible projects for the common good.


AgileVentures is a community and a platform that allows anyone to find a remote pair programming partner at any time of day or night, for any programming language and framework

AgileVentures provides tools and technologies to improve your programming and agile development skills while working together on a socially responsible and non-trivial software projectfollowing the entire agile process with a real non-technical customer who gives feedback on your work.

AgileVentures projects sustain balance between pushing the development towards project's goals and allowing project members to choose and work on tasks that interests them most.


  1. Preference of socially beneficial rather than commercial projects 
  2. Be fair and transparent in all operations
  3. Projects development is open

Target audience

  1. MOOC students
  2. And everyone else

Project goals

Short term

Attract new members

  1. Provide faster involvement of new-comers with information on AV and projects, workflow, tools, existing code, especially for newbies - guides, learning materials, videos, etc..
  2. Remove/hide/move down abandoned or orphaned projects (quickfix, order by commit count)
  3. Improve project's landing pages to act as a showcase (add mercury)
  4. Improve the flow of finding a PP partner setting up a session (hangouts listing, creation)
  5. Compile a selection of video materials as a Getting started pack.
  6. Make joining scrums and PP sessions comfortable and not intimidating
  7. Define and implement a system of recognizing members' involvement

Mid term

Retain active members

  1. Define roles within a project and a process of achieving them
  2. Implement a system for 'pinning' key materials - docs, videos.

Long term

  1. Implement a system for collecting feedback from members on likes/dislikes

Project performance indicators

1. Number of satisfied non-technical customers

2. Number of remote PP sessions


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