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Guide to RAG project files and directories

Updated about 7 years ago by Paul McCulloch

These are the files in the RAG repo at

rag/ : some loose files

  • grade* : original Ruby project scripts to launch specific graders still in production

  • hw*.yml files : specs for grading homeworks

  • project settings : Gemfile, .travis.yml, .gitignore, .rvmrc

rag/lib/ : the code

  • auto_grader.rb : Base AutoGrader class

  • grader.rb : new command line interface, not used yet

  • auto_grader_subprocess.rb : capture and format output from running the rag/grade scripts

  • *_submission.rb : format student submissions

  • *_client.rb : run loop that processes student submissions

  • *_controller.rb : interface with external servers, get submission and return response

  • rag/lib/graders/ : subclasses of AutoGrader are all here

  • rag/lib/graders/feature_grader/lib/ : for homeworks involving student-written cucumber features

Also : test, log, and doc

  • rag/doc/ : original rdoc

  • rag/spec/ : unit tests to check the API

  • rag/features/ : cucumber integration tests

  • rag/log/ : process output, set this directory to not be indexed if using RubyMine

  • rag/hw4_grader_stuff/ : fixture

  • rag/coverage/ : test coverage reported by simplecov

  • rag/config/ : example yml files


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