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Project Overview

Updated over 5 years ago by Sam Joseph

Welcome to AutoGraders!

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AutoGraders is a project to provide a platform for automation of creating, testing, grading and providing feedback on programming assignments for students engaged in various programming courses.

For developers

We are seeking contributors for our project.

A few ideas why you should consider this project:

  • project is being implemented in Ruby and ruby based technologies
  • The complexity (and thus interest and challenge rate) is intermediate to advance
  • You will learn about setting up virtual machines, cloud instances, application inter-communication, concurrent processing and databases
  • We strictly stay within the BDD philosophy, thus you have a chance to learn the BDD and TDD techniques to full extent in a real project
  • We aim for 100% test coverage
  • We aim for beautiful code and architecture
  • We strive to employ best software engineering practices, patterns and principles - SOFA, SOLID and others
  • We are adepts of Agile development
  • We enjoy Pair Programming for learning, fun and profit
  • We are building reliable and scalable software for a great cause, that will be used and benefited by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Become a member of our team today!


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