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Teleconference 2014-07-29

Updated almost 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Goal: Meet With Sam Away

Attended: Richard, Rose, Michael C

Richard and Rose discussed logistics of our courses, use of class time.
Michael C asked about testing of controllers.

Add Agenda Items Here:
Michael C suggested we look into a facility for integrating Chats in a MOOC:


Last week's agenda... copied here temporarily, for reference:
Outstanding Agenda Items:

* Move meetings to AgileVentures
* Sam: (create SPOC for Janet)
* Sam: Work out new meeting time for next semester

Agenda Items (please add):

* New meeting times
* New SPOCers
* Test Agile Venture for meetings
* ....

Action items:

* Sam - create SPOCs (check who needs them)
* Richard - run next week's session

Richard's on-going list copied (temporarily), in case we have nothing better to talk about:
* Issues (Richard)
    • use of classroom lecture time
    • logistics of in-class pairing
      • people sit in their usual places? difficult to mix them up?
      • with assignments some people will not turn up and some are late
    • identify and focus on "forest" (versus "trees")
      • testing, testable code, TDD
      • Source Code Management
    • "best" tutorials -
      • Ruby
      • regular expressions
      • Rails
      • Git/GitHub
    • VM versus Vagrant
    • access to student submissions and associated autograder output
    • cheating: access to solutions


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