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Teleconference 2014-08-12

Updated over 5 years ago by Richard Ilson
Agenda/Meeting Summary Notes
Richard Ilson, Janet Davis, Janet Burge, Rose Williams, and Paul McCulloch attended

  • For Richard, at least, the current SPOC is the one that he'll be starting his semester with (according to Sam)
  • We identified that "more straightforward" quiz questions are on the Google Sites site, courtesy of Sam
    • "Janets" are not seeing the Quizzes section, so they may need to be given appropriate access... we need to ask Sam
    • Richard has developed his another set of easier questions, that he's happy to share
    • Make sure Rose is on:
      • further "research": Richard suggested that if emails to Rose started bouncing, her email subscription in Google Groups might have gotten deactivated; Rose agrees this is likely what happens; Richard checked and it doesn't appear he has permissions to manage the membership, so this is a job for Sam!
  • Talked about logistics for pairing students during class sessions
  • Same time next week, and then we'll figure out if we need a new meeting time once our semesters begin


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