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Teleconference 2014-08-19

Updated almost 6 years ago by Richard Ilson
  • Richard can't make his SPOC go live; he guesses that edX believes the "Course End Date" is April 17, 2013, no matter how much he tries to convince it otherwise. - Janet Davis is seeing a similar problem.
  • Mike Verdicchio would appreciate any tips or good things to remember for first time users (e.g. shifting due dates, making sure students can register, etc.)
  • Mike Verdicchio would appreciate any advice on using the SPOC in a flipped classroom model (e.g. how to make the best use of some of the resources in the instructors only folder)
  • Mike Verdicchio would appreciate any advice regarding how to coach students to use a resource designed for a MOOC in a live classroom setting. For instance, students will repeatedly hear and read references designed for a large audience never seeing the instructor in person. Are there components to the SPOC best left hidden? Are there areas students should be coached about in advance?
  • Mike Verdicchio would also like to know about generating quizzes and exams from any question banks that might exist.
Minutes (mv)
  • Attendees were Janet Burge, Janet Davis, Richard Ilson, and Mike Verdicchio
  • Richard led the call on a very busy day (THANKS!!!)
  • For students ordering the printed version of the text, they can download the first chapter free for Kindle while they wait for the mail
  • You can set the release date to year(s) ahead to quickly hide a top-level section in Edge/Studio
  • In adapting SPOC clone to a live class, be sure to review and edit instructions for each module (e.g. to delete instructions for pair programming you may not be doing in the same way)
  • For pair programming in a live class, perhaps simply require a Google Hangout to simplify
  • For further discussion on flipped classroom ideas/tips, perhaps we can arrange a MWF time to Hangout
  • Ideas for flipped classroom include supplementing the video lectures with topics such as regular expressions, how to use the VM for Ruby development, having students bring in laptops and giving time for pair programming, etc.
  • Warning to beware of a disconnect by relying too much on pre-recorded materials.
  • We found the emails instructing to use the Beta Engineering Software as a Service Google Group/Mailing list for SPOC instructors using the book and the esaas-instructors group/list for instructors using the book but not a SPOC.
Action Items (mv)
  • Consider scheduling a hangout to discuss flipped classroom ideas and lessons learned
  • In the Google Drive ESaaS Instructors/Quizzes and exams/From UC Berkeley.../!README there is a link to something called the ESaaS question bank. This link is 404'd. Is there such a bank of questions available to instructors to create unique quizzes/exams?
  • Keep populating the mailing list with questions for Sam's triumphant return from Japan.


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