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Teleconference 2014-09-03

Updated over 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:
  • publishing version 1.1.1 of textbook
  • new meeting time - 4pm UTC wednesdays - 3pm this week
  • end dates in about pages
  • Rose: buttons, calendars, IE
  • new SPOC for Ed

Agenda (please add)
  • Reuven asking about library ebooks [ACTION ITEM sam]
  • HW0 Autograder isn't working. (Richard)
  • Would really to talk for a few minutes about approaches to sum_to_n?() in HW0 (Richard)
    • in particular, recommended ways to ensure two elements are distinct
  • git tutorials (Reuven)
  • Is the latest VM available the same as the one last spring?  My lab tech guy thinks it is, and I need to know right away if he's wrong - NO UPDATES SO FAR
  • The instructions for setting up a test hangout are great, as long as you've already got a connection to youtube
    • Are there any instructions already posted somewhere for this? NOT AWARE OF ANY
    • I had a lot of trouble setting this up the first time
      (believe me, it was hard enough to figure out how to join an existing hangout with Google blocking all my efforts)
    • A large part of the youtube issue was getting around Google's blocking use of my campus account
    • Got it working (I think), but not sure I can remember how to do it again if a student has the same issue (and I guarantee that they will!)
    • Also, Is there anyone available who would be willing to do a test hangout with me so I can make sure that I won't have the same problems in class?
  • Can anyone suggest a really good tutorial on any of these topics (and I'm referring specifically to a tutorial, not just informative pages):  Regular expressions, HTML, CSS or HAML?
  • When will 1.1.1 text version be available?  NEXT WEEK HOPEFULLY
  • More details about button issue:  It's not a showstopper, by any means, but I can't get rid of the SAVE button in places where it's unnecessary or inappropriate --NOT SURE WHERE THAT IS - CAN I SEE SCREENSHOTS AND/OR URLS to PRECISE PAGE in SPOC
  • Does anyone have any suggestions or caveats for working with Pivotal Tracker?
  • Sam, is your time currently the same as UTC?  If you turn your clocks back/ahead, when does that happen?  I'm trying to make sure I've got my UTC/EST offsets correct --> UTC+1
  • Are the materials for the TA Course generally available?  Might be helpful for our own TA's or CA's
  • Richard: TAs found a git tutorial
  • >>>
  • >>>
Sam - do we have some other tasks that encourage rubyish thinking more than current HW0?
Sam - figure out the youtube blocking issue for hangouts
Sam - library ebooks


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