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Teleconference 2014-09-10

Updated almost 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:
  • publishing version 1.1.1 of textbook, soon I hope ...
  • end dates in about pages [FIXED FOR SOME]
  • Rose: buttons, calendars, IE
  • new SPOC for Ed [DONE]
  • (Sam) do we have some other tasks that encourage rubyish thinking more than current HW0?
  • (Sam) figure out the youtube blocking issue for hangouts


  • library ebooks - Armando would prefer that Libraries bought copies for kindle loans
    • Reuven: is there some kind of a limited Amazon account that can hold the kindle version for students? other ideas?
      • I don't know that a limited amazon account is needed - library can buy kindle version no?  then lend to students? all good no? (Sam)
  • Flipped classroom report - if others are interested (Janet Davis)
    • 21 students in class
    • running for 2 weeks so far - has been going well
    • 1st day was somewhat chaotic usual first day (what are we doing etc.)
    • after that covering teams and pair programming and chapter 1 - and using muddy points (students watch videos in advance and then submit issues that they are unclear on) for discussions - distributing classmates ideas to each other
      • sometimes with whole class
      • sometimes think pair share - write something down and then discuss with neighbor 
      • has all been going really well
    • Tuesday we did working with the customer - brought that forward
      • students got that communication and user stories are really important
      • did roleplay with some students being customers and some being developers?
      • picked out student suggestions about interesting applications
      • had students play different roles (product owner, reporter)
      • one student thought there was only one user story - corrected that misconception
      • groups left roleplay group and then they jigsawed into other groups where they met others who played the same role - and had them extract them lessons learned that they then shared with the class
      • Didn't discuss the muddy points yet - will do that on Thursday
    • Customers from the project class came to visit the classroom to talk about what they need
    • Had career development people do MBTI team building exercises with students
  • Janet Burge is not flipping and is giving the lectures directly
    • takes a lot longer since the students ask a lot of questions
    • lots of theory related questions, e.g. how does the select statement work the file
    • is doing peer-learning like the in the berkeley classes 
Action items

(Sam) add Rose's errata [DONE]
(Sam) look at zune bug thing [DONE]
(Sam) UTC issue is still big [EMAILED EDX]


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