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Teleconference 2014-09-17

Updated almost 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:
  • publishing version 1.1.1 of textbook [Armando on cusp of releasing]
  • Rose: buttons, calendars, IE [still an issue here?]
  • (Sam) figure out the youtube blocking issue for hangouts
  • (Sam) UTC issue is still big --> we should all post in edx help ...

  • Note - to get sam's attention fast for critical issues use slack betasaasers channel and mention @tansaku
  • New MOOC upcoming
  • Sam attending fortnightly?
  • HW2 directories
  • HW0 grade discrepancy in edX -- Richard
    • I suspect I've figured out the reason I see a discrepancy, as I write this. Will discuss.
    • In new edX Dashboard, RAW grades (which I used) are not available; still available via Legacy Dashboard, but the claim is that will go away.
  • roadmap for edX:
  • Is everyone finding latest Windows release of VirtualBox (4.3.16) solved earlier problems? -- Richard
  • Pairing / Grading question ... -- Richard
    • I/We assign HW0, HW1, etc. and encourage students to work in pairs, but still require each student to submit individually for a grade.
    • Wondering when I assign Ch4 walk-through, if it makes sense to do it the same way.
  • Just started getting error message when editing this page: -- Richard
    • Mercury was unable to load /mercury/selects/style.html for the "style" dialog.
  • Richard's status
    • Done with HW0. In the midst of HW1. Will assign Ch4 Rails Walk-Through (not sure how I'll be grading that), and then HW2, in the next couple of weeks. Also plan to select and assign a Git/Github tutorial soon.
    • (At the risk of sounding negative) Richard is happy to explain why he doesn't use the edX SPOC as his primary course management system.
  • anything else?
  • ...
Action Item
  • (sam) roll back rails intro directory structure [DONE]
  • (sam) start creating SPOC II's

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