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Teleconference 2014-09-24

Updated almost 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:
  • publishing version 1.1.1 of textbook [RELEASED!]
  • Rose: buttons, calendars, IE [still an issue here?]
    • Deleted calendar, so sort of no longer a problem
    • IE seems to work now
    • buttons and grading still a problem
  • (Sam) figure out the youtube blocking issue for hangouts
  • (Sam) UTC issue is still big --> we should all post in edx help ...
  • (Richard) we need to make sure we don't lose edX Legacy Dashboard features (e.g., RAW grades)
  • (sam) roll back rails intro directory structure [DONE] --> rubyracer re-added ...
  • (sam) start creating SPOC II's
Action items

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