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Teleconference 2014-10-01

Updated over 5 years ago by Richard Ilson
Outstanding Action Items:
  • HW grader was down (reason unknown) - Janet B. discovered - Sam fixed ...
  • Everyone now linked up to example solutions (Sam hopes) 
  • Reuven: I heard at the TA course that the stackexchange forum will be reflected in the MOOC version, is this possible for our SPOC too? <-- I believe it's possible (thanks & regards, the hour is usually just when commuting or with family, will try to attend from time to time)
  • Teacher evals study:
  • please add
  • ...

Action items
  • (Sam) Checking against the latest edition:  (1.1.1 - September 17, 2014), students are asked to perform some CRUD operations using rails console at Kindle Location 3444 (shown on Figure 4.4), but mass assignment isn't mentioned until Kindle location 3910.
  • (Sam) SPOC for Reuven, at least part 1 (institute: JCE, course#: SE10101)


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