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Teleconference 2014-10-08

Updated almost 6 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:
  • textbook v 1.1.: Richard still doesn't have new kindle version 1.1.1 --> Sam sent Richard invite to kindle whispercast distribution but not sure if he has yet signed up for it
    • (Richard) has signed up, but it hasn't fixed version problem; still looking into it...
    • (Sam) it won't need to do a distribution
  • Rose: buttons and grading still a problem --> Sam waiting for detailed report
  • (Sam) figure out the youtube blocking issue for hangouts --> on hold
  • (Sam) UTC issue is still big --> we should all post in edx help ... --> Janet B.(?) to post to on this
  • (Richard) we need to make sure we don't lose edX Legacy Dashboard features (e.g., RAW grades) --> Richard to post to on this
  • (sam) start creating SPOC II's --> Rose's created
  • (everyone) Please chime in: And this too:  --> Sam has added support - everyone else please do too
  • (Sam) remind amazon that is still on 1.0.1 --> Emailed
  • (Sam) Checking against the latest edition:  (1.1.1 - September 17, 2014), students are asked to perform some CRUD operations using rails console at Kindle Location 3444 (shown on Figure 4.4), but mass assignment isn't mentioned until Kindle location 3910. SOLVED?
  • (Sam) SPOC for Reuven, at least part 1 (institute: JCE, course#: SE10101) DONE
  • SPOC IIs for all
  • Whispercast distribution 
  • Reuven asking: is it possible/recommended to use the Agileventures platform for students' projects, say instead of pivotaltracker? <-- Sam says yes, but note that AgileVentures encourages students to use pivotal tracker as part of their project management offering
  • Rose says she and her students to create epics and features for their homework assignments

Action items
  • (Sam) SPOC IIs for all
  • (Sam) follow up with Amazon [EMAILED]
  • (Sam) find out from edX what the weekend support deal is [EMAILED]


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