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Teleconference 2014-11-12

Updated over 5 years ago by Richard Ilson
Prior Action Items
    • Decide on meeting time for next meeting; presumably, it'll be what's convenient for Sam.
      • and update the AgileVentures Meeting Link accordingly
    • GitImmersion autograder: can Sam weigh in on whether this is something we should pursue
      • Richard/his TAs can provide further information

    BetaSaaSers Resources:

    Makers Git Resources

    - [Git Immersion](
    - [Codeschool Git Real](

    ## Other Useful Resources

    - [Pro Git](
    - [Official Git Site](
    - [Official Git Documentation](
    - [Makers Academy's Version Control Class on Quizlet](
    - [Git Basics by Makers Academy, on Memrise](
    - [Git reference](
    - [GitHub Guides](
    - [Github cheat sheets](
    - [Github training videos](
    - [Atlassian Git Tutorials](
    - [Git-It Tutorial](
    - [Learn Git Branching](
    - [Udacity Course: How to Use Git and GitHub](

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