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Teleconference 2014-10-15

Updated over 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
  • Richard looking for HW2 reference solution in GitHub; he's just finding a Heroku URL
  • Did anyone else encounter a problem with the HW4 autograder (which was fixed today)?
    • Turns out other instructors, or their students, had not yet actively engaged with the HW4 autograder.
  • Discussion (as in the past) of the difficulty of the homework assignments, and perhaps unclear tie-in with the higher-level concepts.
    • it would be good to get testimonials from Berkeley students about the tie-in, to share with our students
    • instructors who are doing projects are considering not assigning all the homeworks
    • Richard reiterated his long-standing concern that students get mired in the details of the HWs and getting autograder points, and lose focus on the "big-picture" concepts of the course.
  • Anyone teaching databases next semester? (There was interest from another instructor in doing something similar to what we're doing in a DB course.)
  • Need a good knowledge base for all this stuff... e.g., homework issues, suggestions, etc.
    • Is that Google Sites, AgileVentures, or ...?
    • Problem is a lot of information has accumulated in various sites, and it would take some (very knowledgeable) effort to cull the "old" information, and summarize the latest information
  • Richard forgot to explicitly check that the AgileVentures link to the Hangout was behaving, but four people joined without complaints...
Prior Agenda
  • SPOC IIs for all [DONE?]
  • Whispercast distribution
Prior Action items
  • (Sam) SPOC IIs for all [DONE?]
  • (Sam) follow up with Amazon [EMAILED]
  • (Sam) find out from edX what the weekend support deal is [EMAILED]
Prior2 Action Items:


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