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Teleconference 2014-10-22

Updated over 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
  • Outstanding Action Items
  • MOOC now live:
  • More SPOC2's
  • Find someone to clear up knowledge base
  • Get testimonials from Berkeley students
  • Whispercast distribution
  • edX weekend support -
  • time changes ...
  • The Cutting Room Floor: Where is the intro to HTML lecture (syntax, elements, attributes, classes, ids) and Haml (beyond "ESaaS Ch. 2.8: Template Views and Haml")? -- Richard
  • Convention over Configuration: As an example, how would one efficiently track down misnaming 'movie.rb' as 'movies.rb' (in app/models)? -- Richard
  • Git revert/reset tutorial? -- Richard
  • Google+ "persistent" Hangouts? -- Richard
  • Cheating discouragement brainstorming (just to touch on briefly). -- Richard
  • GitHub Educational Accounts (with private repos) ...? -- Richard
Outstanding Action Items:


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