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Teleconference 2014-11-05

Updated over 5 years ago by Richard Ilson
  • Review prior open action items
  • AgileVentures Meeting Link was not available for our meeting start, as 16:00 UTC is an hour earlier than when we started (which was 12m EST)
  • Richard may want to resurrect the GitImmersion tutorial autograder from last semester
  • Janet D found the existing Chapter 5 walkthrough hard; she has developed a new one, and will share details via email and her SPOC
    • she'll also have some errata that she'll share with Sam
Action Items
  • Decide on meeting time for next meeting; presumably, it'll be what's convenient for Sam.
    • and update the AgileVentures Meeting Link accordingly
  • GitImmersion autograder: can Sam weigh in on whether this is something we should pursue
    • Richard/his TAs can provide further information


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