List of Projects Autograders Client Meetings Teleconference-2015-04-14


Updated over 5 years ago by Richard Ilson
Agenda Items
  • Richard brought up that some students were able to fiddle and pass the HW3 autograder, and felt great accomplishment, but he was disturbed that it wasn't clear, from the students' descriptions, what they changed that made it pass. Students were concerned about the autograder points, and that didn't mesh with their understanding the "points" of the homework. Sam thought the autograder tests should be made available to the students.
  • The course will likely be upgraded, but not clear if the timing will be before the fall (season). Sam is hoping to work on "fixing" the textbook the first two weeks in August. If the new material won't be ready until the fall, that may be too late for Richard to use it for his fall course, which starts the third week in August.

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