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Updated almost 5 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (Sam) create Richard and Rose SPOCs DONE
* (Sam) ask Armando if it's possible to pre-order the next print edition on Amazon, so that students who want print only get it after the Rails 4 update DONE - apparently not :-(
* (Sam) create other SPOCs DONE (Samuel and Michael)
* (Sam) canvas for new meeting time DONE


* Meeting times this semester... is this 2:15pm UTC good for all? -- RI
** Not great for Richard, but workable. Tue/Thu both the same schedule. M/W/F would be better. -- RI

* What's up with the course?
  * Where is the VM Image? -- RI
* When do we get the new textbook?
* When do we get the new homeworks?
  * Status of initial homeworks (HW0 and HW1) wrt Cloud9 and Autograders in existing (cloned) SPOCs? -- RI
  * Will it be possible to grade the old homeworks against EITHER Rails3 or Rails4?
** I believe this will be crucial to making the transition
** I know that the autograder team has been working on upgrading everything
** Hopefully, they are not just REPLACING the grading criteria, but adding to it

Action items:

* (sam) ask Armando about the new VM
* (sam) figure out what the new autograders and hmwks can handle


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