List of Projects Autograders Client Meetings Teleconference-2015-10-13


Updated over 4 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items:

* (suggestion) script to make C9 reverse compatible with older homeworks (not sure how this would work)
* (Sam/Richard) working through sinatra assignment NOT HAPPENING
* (sam) get tips for how to deploy hw2 (richard needs that released 2nd week October) DONE
* (richard) check out github for students and report back to us

  • Richard - chapter 4 walkthrough --> Lu Baochun
  • Rose - heroku deploy was flaky --> see Michael Verdicchio
  • Rose - text should move towards a challenge based philosophy in order to help manager expectations
From Baochun: 

Action Items
* (Richard) get TAs to send github ids to Sam
* (Sam) challengify chapter 4?
* (Sam) ask armando about pdf of chapter 4? that could be annotated

Old Agenda Items
  • Richard's upcoming assignments (ruby calisthenics is next)
  • Richard updated intro to C9 (in the moodle wiki)
  • Rose course issues --> wish it would not start on updates page

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