List of Projects Autograders Client Meetings Teleconference-2015-12-01


Updated over 4 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items

* (Richard) share links to primitive grader for rails walkthrough
  • Richard will try to get something shared over our upcoming Thanksgiving break.
* (Sam) Fix HW4 new grader DONE-ISH
  • Yes, HW4 is live in Richard's class; students were told HW4 autograder would be available "soon."
* (sam) share the makersacademy intro sinatra DONE


* HW4 grader new issues
* (Richard) Where is the best template for cloning the HW4 autograder from: is is Fox Test Course?
* (Richard) What are the instructions for creating the file to submit (in Cloud9) for HW4?
* ...

Action Items

* (Sam) look at UNCC SPOC HW4 submission
* (Sam) fix HW4 grader


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