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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) Create Fabio's SPOC (March)


* 2 courses or 1?
 - can edx help?  - content libraries? (no response from edx?)
* Update on location for sharing ideas/resources/etc. (Topic from last week's post-Sam discussion.)
  - richard suggests "checklist" (used to use echo-pro)
* (richard) HW0 rather verbose
* Students can't sign up for AgileVentures --> must use github
* Correct HW solutions --->
---> note that new HWs are prefixed with "hw-" and the private instructor repos are suffixed "-ci"


* Janet used one of Rose's activities, which involves students having 10 minutes to answer 10 questions and get them up on the screen - and went really well
* Rose (moved something to blackboard this semester) trying to make up for odd edX structure - have activities for each class - background activities (history of software engineering, cyclomatic complexity, gant charts, pert chants) - flipped classroom
  - used to be talking head, but switched to activities that got the students more engaged - get them to become detectives - entire class has to produce a single document - up to them to choose strategies - first time is deer in the headlights, but then they get it and they evolve over time - by 2nd time they have really got strategy and collaboration down.  They don't have to know anything to work together and produce something.  First class yesterday were exhilarated when they got to the end of the exercise - surprised themselves
  - final exam is completely collaborative - started experimenting with that two semesters ago - puts questions on pivotal tracker - students claim questions - meet with an exam team - team collaborates to improve the answers - have to meet on day of final and do peer review of each others activities - then class submits 24 hours later
   - initially students were looking like they would kill me :-) but now setting expectations in advance better
* would love to set this up so we could all collaborate and improve upon
* Janet has access to earlier versions of this in edX 
* amount varies through the semester
* university pressured rose to move this stuff into blackboard
  - Rose using SPOC, but blackboard gives links to that
  - Rose has special format (labelling scheme) to help students navigate

Action Items

* (richard) add some more info on checklist
* (sam) some way for us to collaborate on exercises
* (all) use the to share stuff (textbook/exercises)
* (sam) follow up with edx about content library error
* (sam) suggest gitbooks to Armando
* (rose) add sam to blackboard instance for binghamton


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