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Updated over 4 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) Create Fabio's SPOC (March)

* (sam) some way for us to collaborate on exercises DONE
* (all) use the to share stuff (textbook/exercises)
* (sam) follow up with edx about content library error DONE
* (sam) suggest gitbooks to Armando DONE
* (rose) add sam to blackboard instance for binghamton ATTEMPTED 


* (Rose) suggests ruby-calisthenics as in-class exercise
* (Richard)
  • autograders/assignments (HW0/HW1)
    • in reference solution, they don't appear to preserve the case of the original words
    • lack of output example for anagram_words
    • HW0 output verbose
    • autograders stable?
    • penalties
  • outline what I've done for HW1 in beta-saasers, and ask for advice on "merging" the branches next week
    • students sharing work done in pairs
    • we direct them to submit individually, and have their own clones
  • random
    • some students don't know how to tackle problems and ask for help
    • checkvist (and Ecco Pro)
* (richard) add some more info on data sharing software

Action Items

* (sam) understand edX content libraries UNDERSTOOD
* (sam) contact Tami at Binghamton CONTACTED
* (richard) add some issues:


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