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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) Create Fabio's SPOC (March)
* (all) use the to share stuff (textbook/exercises)
* (rose) add sam to blackboard instance for binghamton ATTEMPTED 
* (sam) understand edX content libraries UNDERSTOOD
* (sam) contact Tami at Binghamton CONTACTED
* (richard) add some issues: DONE
* (richard) add some more info on data sharing software


* Richard uses checkvist because it doesn't impose a structure
   - Rose uses blackboard
   - Samuel uses markdown 
* audio issues with hangouts
* use of teamviewer, zoom, screenhero
* edx content libraries
* textbook
* (rose) why does the autograder give weird grades --> extraneous old submission blocks in that section
* John's comment on hangperson
* Richard's stuff
  • options for improving autograder tests
    • staging autograder
    • "legacy" autograder for ruby-calisthenics
      • Cartesian Product problem
  • access students' code... GitHub submissions (non-private repos)
  • (any way to log recent submissions in edX?)

Action Items

* (sam) write up the process of logically debugging hangout issues
* (sam) is there some way to submit direct from c9 to edx?
* (sam) is changing the github editor to the cloud9 editor possible during commits
* (sam) convince Armando to move away from autotest (richard agrees)

Notes from hangout
Samuel Rebelsky
3:13 PM
You need four spaces in most cases.
But if it's in something quoted, you sometimes need eight.
Or in a list.
("quoted" means "blockquote")
You can forward it to me, too, and I'll take a look at it over the weekend.

Richard Ilson
3:27 PM
Thanks... I'll add it to my todo list. :-)

Samuel Rebelsky
3:32 PM
Going backwards. I tried `git config --global core.editor "c9"` in Cloud 9, and that means that commits now open the commit message in the Cloud 9 editor. However, it doesn't seem to notice that it's changed. But it's a start.

Richard Ilson
3:33 PM
What does "it's changed" mean?

Samuel Rebelsky
3:36 PM
Git doesn't notice that the `COMMIT_EDITMSG` file is changed, even though I've added a message, and so Git reports that "Aborting commit due to empty commit message."
You can give it a try. It will make sense.

Rose Williams
3:37 PM
Janet and I had a question about a couple of places in the spec

Samuel Rebelsky
3:39 PM
Sam: For Richard's editor problem in Cloud 9, the editor is called "c9". I tried configuring git with `git config --global core.editor "c9"` but it's not quite working the way I'd hope. But it may give you a start.

Rose Williams
3:42 PM
Why is @valid supposed to be true when guess is incorrect?


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