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Updated over 4 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items

* (sam) write up the process of logically debugging hangout issues
* (sam) is there some way to submit direct from c9 to edx? ( TAs say no ... )
* (sam) is changing the github editor to the cloud9 editor possible during commits
* (Sam) Create Fabio's SPOC (March)
* (all) use the to share stuff (textbook/exercises) STARTED
* (rose) add sam to blackboard instance for binghamton STARTED 
* (sam) contact Tami at Binghamton DONE


* textbook (only ch.8 updated so far)
* Learning@Scale conference, Edinburgh, April
* (Richard) Chapter 4 Walkthrough (rottenpotatoes setup in text), leading to HW2
* ...

Action Items
* (sam) find way to share textbook issues with instructors:
* (all) coordinate ch.4 walkthrough in


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