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Outstanding Action Items

* (all) use the to share stuff (textbook/exercises) STARTED
* (Richard) investigate for avoiding vim for students --> problem with invoking synchronously ...
* (Sam) make part 2 SPOC for Rose DONE
* (Sam) address concerns from Janet/Rose about lack of consistency on part of autograders - clarity about which are the correct solutions and having access to them


* (rose) absence of HW4 solution in --> rag:
* HW 4 freeze fix 
  - 1. got bug?
  - 1.5 created load test from cucumber (on staging grader) (considering xqueue setup, or making end point - assuming this is a load problem)
  - 2. get bug in test
  - 3. went to end of log file when grader was restarted
  - 4. got anonymous student id from hw4 freeze submission
  - 5. acceptance test that captured the bug
  - 6. used byebug to step through all the elements of the grading process on this submission
  - 7. hw4_grader @timeout was not set (seems that hw4_grader was not inheriting the @timeout variable)

* Textbook update
* (richard) workflow for updating instructions


* Blocking - the dangers of contradicting people
* Overloading - the dangers of giving too much information

Richard: I prefer to critique people - I want to be told how to do things differently
Rose: sometimes people are just talking to try and find the space to solve for themselves

Marvin: typo in HW3 - tests always passing --> could he improve the HW3 output?

Future Agenda Items:

* (rose) test coverage
* function of criticism in learning, silence, responding
* ...

Action Items

* (sam) Richard needs part 2 SPOC
* (richard) check on c9 editor synchronicity
* (rose) hw3 has a non-sequiter in the solution
* (sam) can hw3 grader suffer from freezes?
* (sam) can timeout be made more robust
* (richard) work out workflow needs for docs


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