List of Projects Autograders Client Meetings Teleconference-2016-04-08


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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) address concerns from Janet/Rose about lack of consistency on part of autograders - clarity about which are the correct solutions and having access to them

* (sam) can hw3 grader suffer from freezes? (add issue)
* (sam) can timeout be made more robust (add issue)
* (richard) work out workflow needs for docs; how to handle editing given the variety of change types (see notes below)
* (sam) add image for text editor learning curves DONE
* (sam) handling UK daylight saving time issue DONE
* (sam) orphaned migration

Agenda Items:

* private repos for walkthroughs
* book update
* (Janet) revised chapter on rspec - stubs and mocks were not in the HW 1.2.1
* (rose) Legacy HW issue
* (rose) disappearing videos
* (rose) test coverage
* (richard) about to release HW4; any new issues/insights; can we share updated Acrobat Chapter 8 file with students? 
   - rails_helper taken care of
   - mocks and stubs
   - factorygirl 
(richard) considering using Sinatra Hangman assignment as a coda... thoughts?
* (richard) complete side issue... Discrete Math --> group exam follow up
* (richard) didn't use part 2 SPOC
* function of criticism in learning, silence, responding, overloading, blocking


* (richard) the problem to resolve how we handle the three types of changes we might need in the instructions:

  • fixing typos... changes that probably everyone wants --> direct edit? (PR)
  • stylistic changes, and changes where others might not agree with --> PR
  • changes specific to a particular instructor --> branch?

* (Rose) loss of critical thinking in the education system

Action Items

* (sam) find a time with Richard to look at workflows e.g. tagging different commits as different types
* (sam) create 1.2.1 watermarked copies for Rose, Janet, Richard DONE
* (sam) ping Armando about kindle to book store ... DONE
* (sam) chapter 8 stubs and mocks not supported out of the box ISSUE CREATED
* (sam) disclaimer about open source in the textbook? ISSUE CREATED
* (sam) create private repo and give betasaasers access and get roses walkthrough in there - make sure that richard has good stuff e.g. hw3, hw4 walkthroughs
* (sam) make spoc for rose DONE


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