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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) address concerns from Janet/Rose about lack of consistency on part of autograders - clarity about which are the correct solutions and having access to them

* (sam) can hw3 grader suffer from freezes? (issue)
* (sam) can timeout be made more robust (issue)
* (richard) work out workflow needs for docs; how to handle editing given the variety of change types (see notes below)
* (sam) orphaned migration MERGED
* (sam) find a time with Richard to look at workflows e.g. tagging different commits as different types
* (sam) create 1.2.1 watermarked copies for Rose, Janet, Richard DONE
* (sam) ping Armando about kindle to book store ... DONE
* (sam) chapter 8 stubs and mocks not supported out of the box ISSUE CREATED, ARMANDO WORKING ON THIS
* (sam) disclaimer about open source in the textbook? ISSUE CREATED
* (sam) create private repo and give betasaasers access and get roses walkthrough in there - make sure that richard has good stuff e.g. hw3, hw4 walkthroughs DONE
* (sam) make SPOC for rose DONE

Agenda Items:

* book update
* (richard) note/question: hw4 setup: most students needed to do a 'rake db:test:prepare', but RI didn't
  --> 'rake db:test:prepare' --> not needed in rails 4
  --> WARNING: db:test:prepare is deprecated. The Rails test helper now maintains your test schema automatically, see the release notes for details.

* (richard) anyone have thoughts about the time Sinatra/Hangman requires?  5/6 vs 1/2
* (richard) couldn't locate reference solution for HW4

* (rose) Best way to explain use of & in expressions such as 
      @data = @doc.xpath('//match').map(&:text)

  `&` <--> `to_proc`

  `&:text` <-->  `{ |item| item.text }`

* Legacy HW:  
      when you have to create a new category, you get an error on validation, unless you put as an argument params :category - the first time you hit it there is no such parameter --> is that some kind of convention over configuration --> it's the name of the resource you are dealing with, but it's not the key to any hash - doesn't seem to make sense

def new
  @category =

def edit
  @category = Category.find(params[:id])

* clarify point of agenda
* function of criticism in learning, silence, responding, overloading, blocking
* some thoughts related to the above from Sam's recent experience working in software teams:

If you strongly dispute/defend/explain people's criticisms of you they may well end up being disincentivized to criticise you in future ...

Fierce debates can have the side effect of putting off others from participating ...


* (richard) the problem to resolve how we handle the three types of changes we might need in the instructions:

  • fixing typos... changes that probably everyone wants --> direct edit? (PR)
  • stylistic changes, and changes where others might not agree with --> PR
  • changes specific to a particular instructor --> branch?

* (janet) can we have the debugging demo in some part of the course 
* (janet) would be interesting to do a survey about which instructors are using what components of the course --> would be interesting to hear from others who not participating in the calls, or just using the textbook or on various of the mailing lists (betasaaers, instructors, sigsce) - should this survey come from higher authority.

Action Items

* (rose) put up draft of hw4 walkthrough DONE
* (all) collaborate of hw4 walkthrough
* (all) fix the loss of critical thinking in the education system
* (janet) starting list of questions for instructor survey
* (sam) redo hw help videos (demo the debug)


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