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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) address concerns from Janet/Rose about lack of consistency on part of autograders - clarity about which are the correct solutions and having access to them
* (rose) put up draft of hw4 walkthrough DONE
* (sam) convert above to markdown format
* (all) collaborate of hw4 walkthrough
* (all) fix the loss of critical thinking in the education system
* (janet) starting list of questions for instructor survey DONE
* (sam) redo hw help videos (demo the debug) --> ping instructors when that particular video is done

Agenda Items:

* book update
* meeting Armando
  - gitbook
  - grader architecture
  - BDD-TDD cycle --> Acceptance Test - Unit Test
    - (Richard) how well do the homeworks really reinforce the concepts --> focus on weeds and not trees
  - AV102 on main edx (169.3 project course)
  - further grader development
  - career plan?
* (Janet) student questions on faking logins in Cucumber
  - do it manually in cucumber (capybara)

Given I am on the "accounts" page and logged in as "John"
Given(/I am on the "(.*)" page anlogged in as "(.*)"/) do |page, name|
   visit '/users/signup'
   fill_in :name, with: name
   fill_in :password, with: 123
   click 'Submit'
   visit page
   - punching warden (devise) - cheating - set the cookie directly

* (Richard) what to do in last two meetings
 - replay video of friday beta-saaser meetings and give them a quiz
 - read mythical man-month (book chapter) and review


* Rose told students we happen to be using cucumber for acceptance tests, and RSpec for unit tests - but there is flexibility - warned them about these are different from BDD, TDD
* levels of testing
  - acceptance testing
  - integration testing
  - unit testing
   - models
   - controllers (stub them --> unit test, don't stub --> integration test)
   - views
   - services (stub them --> unit test, don't stub --> integration test)
   - routes
   - rake
   - migrations
  - non functional testing
   - performance
   - scalability
* (Rose) book does some kinds of testing more than others and does not really explain the focus on particular types of testing? Students can end up taking it religiously
* (Richard) copy what I do as opposed to what I say - they will focus on whatever we grade them on - I don't really care about them learning they need to prefix "bundle exec" to run rake
* (Rose) one aspect of the weedy stuff is that students realise that coding in the real world will involve more than what they find in the toy environments of the introductory classes - there should be some of this
* (Richard) that's great to use when those issues come up, however now after several years, students can ask a generic question and it comes back to how to do something in rotten potatoes
* (Janet) does talk about all types of testing early in the course - my students now doing real client projects and that's what gets them their real world experience, and now their cucumber experience is outstripping mine and difficult to answer their questions
* (Richard) I would think benefit from unit tests will be seen in long term maintenance
* (Janet) unit tests (white box) seem very brittle - having a hard time justifying this to the students
* (Richard) issue might be that they are writing bad tests - but that's tricky to evalute

class UserController

  def create
     @user =


describe UserController
  it 'creates a user' do

class UserCreate
  def initialize(user = User)

describe UserCreate do

  subject(:user_create) { UserCreate}
  double(:user) { double :user}

  it 'creates a User' do


Action Items

* (all) install slack desktop:
* (rose) to post "pair-proofing" new chapters
* (sam) check that we could charge students for access to private gitbook repos
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey
* (Janet) share access to underlying doc

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