List of Projects Autograders Client Meetings Teleconference-2016-04-29


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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) address concerns from Janet/Rose about lack of consistency on part of autograders - clarity about which are the correct solutions and having access to them
* (sam) convert hw4 walkthrough draft to markdown format
* (all) collaborate of hw4 walkthrough
* (all) fix the loss of critical thinking in the education system
(all) install slack desktop:
* (rose) to post "pair-proofing" new chapters --> to strawberry canyon repo
* (sam) check that we could charge students for access to private gitbook repos YES -> gumroad
* (Janet) share access to underlying doc DONE
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey

Agenda Items:

* book update
* meeting Armando
  - grader architecture
  - BDD-TDD cycle --> Acceptance Test - Unit Test
    - (Richard) how well do the homeworks really reinforce the concepts --> focus on weeds and not trees
  - AV102 on main edX (169.3 project course), branded BerkeleyX - buy the verified certificate
    - 169.3x - required to have paired on a certain number of 169 assignments
  - further grader development
  - career plan?
* (Rose) - students are contemplating doing final exam as a GitBook - any caveats
  - gitbook in relation github
    ---> GitBook is owned and operated by FriendCode Inc. We raised seed funding from Kima Ventures and many angel investors
* (Richard) looking to find/create a debugger usage walkthrough "lab" (like the Rails Tutorial or GitImmersion)
 -  This is good, but is more reading and less doing:


detail and summary tags in markdown:

  <summary>your great hint or invisiclue</summary>
  <p>ah, that's how you do it</p>

* Janet - other flipped classes not getting such rave reviews --> follow up to investigate how students like this --

* (richard) what do we do with pairing videos?  (sam) not much at the moment, but want peer review for peer review
* edx peer review framework
  - rubric for reviewing others pairing

Action Items

* add some contact information to the survey
* (sam) share survey with Armando
* (sam) pull out pairing module from AV102
* (sam) ability to submit audition tape for pairing to take part 3 --> pair a certain number of hours in agile ventures; special eligibilty for SPOC students; SPOC students for project managers (janet has some students)

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