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Outstanding Action Items

* (Sam) address concerns from Janet/Rose about lack of consistency on part of autograders - clarity about which are the correct solutions and having access to them
* (sam) convert hw4 walkthrough draft to markdown format
* (all) collaborate of hw4 walkthrough
* (all) install slack desktop:
* (rose) to post "pair-proofing" new chapters --> to strawberry canyon repo
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey
* (janet/armando) add some contact information to the survey
* (sam) pull out pairing module from AV102
* (sam) updating email address for Janet
* (Armando) send dave patterson video
* (sam) improve the HW4 grader
* (sam) rename BDD/TDD
* (sam) deeper look at janets's quiz reset issue
* (rose) share check off lists for checking team progress
* (sam/armando) projectscope into AV? for 169.3
* (sam) - ask edX again for global update of release dates, 
* (sam) - ask edX can we reset an entire exam? EMAILED
* (sam/rose) inability to clone items between sections
* (sam) ORA staff grading  BUG, OVERRIDE
* (sam) follow up with armando about dave

Agenda Items (please add):

  - guideline to run 3 or 4 times a year, or as self-paced
    - self-paced (no deadlines, and all material available at once)
    - instructor-paced (allows deadlines and sequencing of material)
* (sam) peer pair rubric -> impose hard deadline -> can it be adapted to no deadlines?
  - rose: more than 10%, maybe 20% - approach in a step by step fashion
  - richard: use an agile process - relatively little first - why are we doing this?  is the feedback good for the recipient, for the grader?  critiquing the process?
  - puneet: 10% is a good start - was ignored when 1% - concerned about reaction to peer-review point
  - rose: will people who are successful with pairing, might be more successful
  - rose: reflect in the course description
* (sam) reviewing MOOC syllabus update
* book update (dave's bio update) 1.2.1
  - armando negotiating with amazon - he has to flag the latest changes as corrections  ...
* (janet) project course: ability to submit audition tape for pairing to take part 3 --> pair a certain number of hours in agile ventures; special eligibilty for SPOC students; SPOC students for project managers (janet has some students)
* (rose) dave pattersons last lecture
* meeting time
* (sam) do we need c9 setup script?
* (sam) updating to Ruby 2.3 and rails 4.2.6
* (richard) a technology agnostic course
  - plug and play nodejs, python, etc.
* (rose) heroku deployment - not deploying early - not following directions (pg for production)
* (rose) problems with OoB and legacy assignments submission
* (rose) using heroku logs

Action Items

* (sam) work through all features of course
* (sam) provide up to date walkthough soutions for all parts of the course (hangouts - invite people and record) - also to generate text walkthroughs - also hit the higher level contextual points


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