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Updated almost 4 years ago by Sam Joseph
Outstanding Action Items

* (sam) work through all features of course ONGOING
* (sam) provide up to date walkthough solutions for all parts of the course (hangouts - invite people and record) ONGOING
* (sam) also to generate text walkthroughs - also hit the higher level contextual points 
* (sam) convert hw4 walkthrough draft to markdown format
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey
* (Janet/Armando) add some contact information to the survey
* (sam) pull out pairing module from AV102
* (sam) updating email address for Janet
* (sam) rename BDD/TDD to acceptance/unit test
* (all) send details to armando about blog
* (armando) review sam's blog post DONE
* (sam) maybe reduce "TDD is dead" to just links? DONE
* (sam) can self check questions from Sinatra be moved into edX? (peer self-check possibilities?)
* (armando) standup questionbank system - need github ids of instructors (he can get them from teams)
* (rose) more notes for Armando on conceptual challenges in HangPerson
* (armando) learning objectives for these assignments DONE
* (sam) can we have calisthenics in the MOOC?

Agenda Items (please add):

* MOOC update
  - week 2 is live (c9)
  - hw2/quiz 2 are live
  - new videos with slides

* Richard's Cloud9 Workflow and Tips (not revised)
* (richard) Curious to hear thoughts about and status of Ruby Calisthenics and Hangperson assignments
* (richard) Curious to hear about new videos, both official course vidoes and Sam's new ones
   - interest especially because of reduced classroom hours in the fall

* peer review process summary
  - generate video?
  - generate text
  - doing it in live system will introduce something that another student will be asked to grade ... but I can delete?

* Sinatra assignment walkthrough

Sam's note on sinatra
* too wordy?
* we ask students to clone, but then we ask them to create a new empty dir FIXED
* consistent placement of commands you should run on their own line?
* can self check answers be popup:

  <summary>Show/Hide me</summary>
  <p>Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.</p>

* update to show students how to run subsets of tests rather than relying on auto test
* According to the tests in this `describe` block, what
instance variables is a HangpersonGame expected to have? <-- can we assume that a getter implies the presence of an instance variable

* To move on to next spec block - have to remove pending from two places ...

* can we replace autotest and pending with rspec code to run subsets of tests?

* define what it means for a guess to be "valid" or not - my guess so far is it is that it's a real letter that has not yet been guessed

* "Self-check: @game in this context is an instance variable of what class? (Careful-- tricky!)" seems poorly worded "Of which class is @game an instance variable"

* rerun "rackup -p $PORT -o $IP" --> might need -- DONE

* issue of guess being both making a guess and determining the validity of that guess

class Hangperson
  def guess(letter) 
  def last_guess_valid?


Action Items

* (sam) check with edX where we can see their roadmap, features in progress etc. (see below for features we would like)
   - ask edX again for global update of release dates (sam), 
   - inability to clone items between sections (rose/sam)
* (Sam & others) split components of hangperson up?


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