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Outstanding Action Items

* (sam) work through all features of course ONGOING
* (sam) provide up to date walkthough solutions for all parts of the course (hangouts - invite people and record) ONGOING
* (sam) also to generate text walkthroughs - also hit the higher level contextual points 
* (sam) convert hw4 walkthrough draft to markdown format
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey
* (Janet/Armando) add some contact information to the survey
* (sam) pull out pairing module from AV102
* (sam) updating email address for Janet
* (sam) rename BDD/TDD to acceptance/unit test
* (all) send details to armando about blog
* (sam) can self check questions from Sinatra be moved into edX? (peer self-check possibilities?)
* (armando) standup questionbank system - need github ids of instructors (he can get them from teams)
* (rose) more notes for Armando on conceptual challenges in HangPerson
* (sam) can we have calisthenics in the MOOC?
* (sam) check with edX where we can see their roadmap, features in progress etc. (see below for features we would like) DONE
   - ask edX again for global update of release dates (sam), 
   - inability to clone items between sections (rose/sam)
* (Sam & others) split components of hangperson up? DONE

Agenda Items (please add):

* MOOC update
  - week 3 is live 
  - hw3 is live (updates to rails intro)
  - ongoing video work

* questions
- MOOC jumping (in the middle and after the end?) yes and yes - although edX may remove it from listings after July 19th
- calisthenics
- richard's course notes
- rose - legacy 1 issue outstanding - but not time to pursue it
- c9 - is it in business and stable? we don't know ...

* suggestions
 - shall we switch to waffle or PT for managing our tasks?
 - (rose) could the autograder feedback be more helpful, e.g. as well as rspec failure detail - say something to point student to consider some of the reasons things are going wrong (students failing to question whether their assumptions are correct or not) - for students to embrace testing, they need to open up to questioning their assumptions ...


* Sam's blogs

expect(hello).to eq "bob"

def hello

basic problem solving

- establishing ground truth

 to get something to work, and it needs A, B and C

* put in all of A B and C and see if it works, but if not you don't know where the problem is
* test first that A works, if it does, then add B, check that works, if it does, then C

Action Items

* (all) keep trying to make problem solving process something people will understand as a result of completing the assignments 
* (sam) can we have best of pairing moments
* (richard) add peer review rubric to next week's agenda
* (sam) get examples of good, bad and ugly pairing


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