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  Outstanding Action Items

* (sam) work through all features of course ONGOING
* (sam) provide up to date walkthough solutions for all parts of the course (hangouts - invite people and record) DONE
* (sam) also to generate text walkthroughs - also hit the higher level contextual points 
* (sam) convert hw4 walkthrough draft to markdown format
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey
* (Janet) add some contact information to the survey, and take a look through
* (sam) pull out pairing module from AV102 --> stand alone course? use existing course
* (sam) updating email address for Janet
* (sam) rename BDD/TDD to acceptance/unit test DONE
* (all) send details to armando about blog
* (sam) can self check questions from Sinatra be moved into edX? (peer self-check possibilities?)
* (armando) standup questionbank system - need github ids of instructors (he can get them from teams)
* (rose) more notes for Armando on conceptual challenges in HangPerson
* (sam) can we have calisthenics in the MOOC?
* (all) keep trying to make problem solving process something people will understand as a result of completing the assignments 
* (sam) can we have best of pairing moments
* (richard) add peer review rubric to next week's agenda DONE
* (sam) get examples of good, bad and ugly pairing (armando would also like)
* (janet) send us new email address
* (all) hangperson submit example solutions, and/or changes to the public interface as defined by the spec
* (armando) sharing examples of good project presentations and bad ones ...
* (armando) share info on 18F
* (sam) can we capture how to review other pairing sessions (how to skim start of video at x2?) 
* (armando) rant on rails vs node
* (sam) publish schedule for next few months

Agenda Items (please add):

* Janet - half students enfuriated by video materials
  - less homework stress when flipped, but reviews submitted after the class were negative about taking an "online class" at a face to face location - one issue was that the hws for the 2nd half of the videos were not used, and then there was an exam related to the videos - and they had to catch those up in a rush at the end.
  - Janet wishes she'd done more quizzes in the 2nd half
  - Janet gets some evals where students say "I learnt alot but I taught myself" and then gets a low grade for herself
  - Rose - did well having a short quiz at the beginning of each class - anything not understood on the quiz was looked at immediately - addressed more as a lab course - and that helped reduce that criticism.
  - Richard - I think it helps to get support from the administration
  - Janet - interviewed 33 students?
  - Rose - meet for two hours twice a week in a computer lab
  - Janet - now at Colorado College and will be doing 3.5 weeks bootcamps - expectations are very different
  - Janet - starting again in mid to late October (block 3)

* Armando - questionbank

* MOOC update
  - week 5 is live 
  - hw5 is live (now called Acceptance Unit Test Cycle)
  - pairing peer review
  - ongoing video work
  - mechanics of pairing (rose - filtering communities of pairing)

* AgileVentures Karma

* Project tracking

* Udemy - could we work out some way to charge more for the course at edX, by charging for walkthrough videos? - do we want lots of additional walkthroughs ...


Armando working on splitting Berkeley class into project course and non-project course
Students often say the learning in the project section is higher

Armando: possible scheduling -

* Udemy

Action Items
* (Armando) add Sam as admin for questionbank
* (Armando/Sam) come up with plan for recording video explaining pairing - a different plan to keep people involved
* (Sam) write up a report on the pairing
* (All) what walkthroughs would we like (janet wants text versions)


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