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  Outstanding Action Items

* (sam) work through all features of course ONGOING
* (sam) provide up to date walkthough solutions for all parts of the course (hangouts - invite people and record) DONE
* (sam) also to generate text walkthroughs - also hit the higher level contextual points 
* (sam) convert hw4 walkthrough draft to markdown format
   benefit: markdown allows colored syntax highlighting of code
* (all) contribute to Janet's survey
* (Janet) add some contact information to the survey, and take a look through
* (sam) pull out pairing module from AV102 --> stand alone course? use existing course
   Armando wanted his new TAs to take that module
* (sam) updating email address for Janet
* (sam) rename BDD/TDD to acceptance/unit test DONE
* (all) send details to armando about blog
* (sam) can self check questions from Sinatra be moved into edX? (peer self-check possibilities?)
   Sam is not clear how this could be done, and the benefit...
* (armando) standup questionbank system - need github ids of instructors (he can get them from teams)
* (rose) more notes for Armando on conceptual challenges in HangPerson
* (sam) can we have calisthenics in the MOOC?
* (all) keep trying to make problem solving process something people will understand as a result of completing the assignments 
* (sam) can we have best of pairing moments
   may get back when course is re-run in January 
* (richard) add peer review rubric to next week's agenda DONE
* (sam) get examples of good, bad and ugly pairing (armando would also like)
* (janet) send us new email address
* (all) hangperson submit example solutions, and/or changes to the public interface as defined by the spec
* (armando) sharing examples of good project presentations and bad ones ...
* (armando) share info on 18F
* (sam) can we capture how to review other pairing sessions (how to skim start of video at x2?) 
* (armando) rant on rails vs node
* (sam) publish schedule for next few months DONE

Action Items (from July 15 meeting)

* (Armando) add Sam as admin for questionbank
* (Armando/Sam) come up with plan for recording video explaining pairing - a different plan to keep people involved
* (Sam) write up a report on the pairing
* (All) what walkthroughs would we like (janet wants text versions)

Agenda Items (please add):

* (richard) update on: (sam) can we have calisthenics in the MOOC?
   Is there any interest, other than Richard?
   possibility of adding the iterator problem back (with Cartesian products)? ... Richard liked this one.
* (sam) meeting time, rotating meeting chair
* (sam) eventually we'll get Part 2 SPOCs (from the equivalent MOOC)

Action Items
* (richard) follow up via email confirming new ongoing meeting time
   (Rose thought Friday might be a problem, but now thinks it's okay)
* (all) check on access to Question Bank... what's the process for gaining access
* Part 2 MOOC timing: starts Sep 24, end around mid-November; Sam will want to delay creating SPOCs as long as possible, so any updates and fixes get into the the newly-created SPOCs
* Textbook versions and updates
   We discussed this after meeting officially ended.
   Richard having difficulties updating to 1.2.1; he has a non-Kindle copy dated Apr 8, 2016; Kindle version appears to be dated May 9, 2016; are these the same, or similar enough?

* walkthroughs:
ESaaS: Managing Distributed Teams (from Agile Ventures)... good for TAs
* Markdown:
   an SO post on exporting markdown that you might like: 
   this latest link is about exporting markdown from word ...
* Question Bank
* The Ruby Rogues
   The Ruby Rogues podcast is a panel discussion about topics relating to programming, careers, community, and Ruby. We release a conversation with notable programmers and Rubyists each week to help programmers advance in their careers and skills.

Video link of meeting:


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