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Agenda (please add)
* (richard) first day of class
* Start using a Project Management tool to organise
* Calisthenics grader
  1) using old grader
  2) upgrading to new grader (a day) - create a spec repo in the correct format and ensure that it works with the new grader
* open edx had a remote meetup:
* (richard) Cloud9 now requires a credit card for signup (this is a bigger concern to students than I initially thought)
  - Armando does know the C9 people, and was hoping to get an exception for the berkeley class, and possibly the MOOC, and possibly? the SPOCs?
  - Richard hears from TAs about a university account for a small fee to waive credit card requirement
* Armando
  - very busy
* (richard) Cloud9 setup script vs. vanilla C9 workspace;
   and... does "vanilla" equal "Blank" or "Ruby"?  --> Blank
  - Armando not ready to move on
  - Sam thinking that the script is better out than in
  - let's have docs in repos where changes are reviewed via PR
* (richard) Just a note... when students sign up for edX Edge, they should not try to use "Institution/Campus Credentials"
* MOOC - part 2 - will start on Sep 20th

* projectscope
* ...

Action Items

* (sam) move backlog of stuff to github issues
* (sam) see if just a simple calisthenics rspec repo 
* (all) work out what is the one most important Armando question?  is it C9 credit cards?  Or can we get a more rigorous defence of RoR vs Python/Django
* (sam) find node rant video

Agenda items for next week:
* show how to submit assignment on behalf of student
* how to see what feedback a particular student got

* Richard/Stacey - first week is only going to have 75mins of meeting time at UNCC - Richard notes that Homework requires regular expressions - and students will need some extra support on regexes - stacey wanting an even simpler ruby startup - Richard explains about where HW0 came from and why it's now called in HW1

* Stacey's students are all doing ruby codeacademy, but wants them to do something really simple in cloud9

* Richard recommends - to start on "Hello World"

* issue about verbosity of grader given new clumping of the assignments

* stacey thinking of having TA go grading - TA could submit to autograder on students behalf ...

* Sam notes that instructor can submit as a student

* Sam notes you can see the output on behalf of a student, but difficult to find

* codewars as a resource:

* Richard comments on calisthenics - wants yield cartesian product problem (he likes that - where did that go) - does anyone besides Richard want this calisthenics homework - probably valuable to Stacey - Rose not needing it immediately

* Richard wants to be able to easily propose changes to specs that the grader is running to fix issues


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