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An internal dashboard for Agile Ventures analytics - Columns and their card count

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An internal dashboard for Agile Ventures analytics


$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ pip3 install -e .
$ yarn install
$ npx webpack

database setup

You will need to configure the database connection in several files before you can proceed. First, copy alembic.ini.example as so:

cp alembic.ini.example alembic.ini

Then you should edit the part of the file that says:-

sqlalchemy.url = postgresql://postgres:pw@localhost:5432/av_dashboard_test
sqlalchemy.url = postgresql://postgres:pw@localhost:5432/av_dashboard_dev
sqlalchemy.url = postgresql://postgres@localhost/av_dashboard_test

In the newly copied file, you will want to insert the corresponding password for your database where it has 'pw', and the user where it has 'postgres'. In the event that your local database is on a different host or port, feel free to change 'localhost:5432'.

Next, you will need to copy the file that is in the instance folder:

cp instance/ instance/

In the newly copied file, you will want to edit the file:

POSTGRES_HOST = 'localhost'

Insert the corresponding user, password and possibly host and port for your local database.

Next, copy the and in the config folder as so:

cp config/ config/
cp config/ config/

In most cases, you can just leave these files as they are, but in case you want a special name for your test or dev database, edit it appropriately. But if you do edit this default, also edit in the alembic.ini above.

After you have setup the database configurations above, create the databases like so with your postgresql server already running:-

$ ./

Next, migrate the test and dev databases like so:

$ ./



$ ./

development environment

To see the dashboard in development mode, you will need to have done the database setup and then run the command to seed the database:

$ ./

And then run the tests:

$ ./

And navigate to the url displayed on the output.

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