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Modern new website for AgileVentures. React/Gatsby frontend with Rails/GraphQL backend.


This is a complete redesign of the WebsiteOne project, currently serving as AgileVentures' website.

It is being rewritten as a static site generated with Gatsby with some dynamic elements using Apollo.


This website is made with Gatsby, refer to the Gatsby tutorial for up-to-date instructions on how to prepare your environment.

Quick start

  1. Clone the repository
git clone

cd  WebsiteTwo
  1. Install dependencies
  1. Run the tests

Unit tests can be run with:

yarn test

You can run the end-to-end tests in your browser with:

yarn test:e2e

or you can run them in your cli with:

yarn test:e2e:ci
  1. Run the local server
gatsby develop
  1. Run the backend server

Clone the backend to your computer and run it in a separate terminal. See install instructions for details:

git clone
cd WebsiteOneBackendApi
bundle install
yarn install

bundle exec rails s

Contributing to the project

If you wanted to contribute to the project that would be awesome! Please read the CONTRIBUTING file for information on how we work.


in 2011, inspired by Dave Patterson and Armando Fox's UCBerkeley Software Engineering Massive Open Online Class (MOOC), Sam Joseph had the idea for a global online pairing community where everyone worked together to use the agile development methodology to deliver solutions to IT charities and non-profits. Thomas Ochman joined as project manager and led the development of the WebSiteOne codebase with Bryan Yap serving as technical lead. Initialy Sam was the notional "client", not getting involved in the tech development, and many different volunteers contributed code. During this phase the events, projects and user systems were developed. There was also a blog like articles system. Yaro Appletov led a tight integration with Google hangouts to allow recordable hangouts to be launched from the site and report back telemetry.

Later Raoul Diffou joined to take over as project manager as Thomas and Bryan had less and less time for the project. Sam took over the technical lead role in 2016 and also stared pairing with Raoul as project manager. Later in 2016 as Raoul had less and less time Sam became the sole project manager. During the course of 2016 Sam and long time AV contributor Michael revised the events framework, and replaced the articles system with a Premium payments framework intended to help ensure AV was sustainable into the future. In 2017 Google withdrew their Hangouts API breaking various functionality in the site. Sam and Lokesh Sharma replaced the API integration with manual updates, and Sam pulled in the agile-bot node microservice so that WSO now communicates directly with Slack to alert members about new online meetings and their recordings.

In 2020, as AgileVentures was undergoing a deep change in its structure and organization, it was decided that it was time to re-think the AV website from the ground up, moving some of functionalities in outside services and follow a simpler, faster and slicker approach for the website.

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WebsiteTwo Pairing - Friday, 20th Nov at 06:30pm (UTC)

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