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"Basketball Stars is a fun basketball game for two players that you can play online and without charge. You can once again watch some 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 bouts with the big-headed humorous sports stars. Choose a team and a player, then try to outscore your opponent before the game is over to win every game. You can challenge a friend using the same computer or compete against the clever CPU. Play a fast match, begin your training, or enter a competition, and use many types of special skills to lead your team to victory! With Basketball Stars' assistance, you may jokingly become the world's greatest dribbler. Grab a ball, pass it to a teammate, and then make layups one after the other. Your eccentric participants will support the enjoyable component of this interesting sporting event. If you allow your opponent to score, your players will start to cry. So why are you still waiting? basketball stars is fun!"

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