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Minimal Viable Product

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Binghamton Bearclubs Minimum Viable Product:

  • Welcome page with log in / sign up

  • Sign up page 

  • Search for new club page

    • Interests / category based

  • Club page

    • Join club button

    • Follow/interested button (non-member, but club events show in your dashboard)

    • Show officers of club

    • Show upcoming events

  • Dashboard page 

    • Display upcoming club events 

    • RSVP for club events

    • Relevant priority levels for dashboard messages

  • Admin users

    • Create club

      • Set club name

      • Set club description

      • Set category tags

      • Set/invite other admins

    • Create events

    • Can edit club page

    • Club settings

      • Set club to public or private (if private, accept requests)

      • Require people to send a request to join

      • Promote new

Other Ideas:

  • Club reviews, ratings and comments

  • Suggested clubs feature

  • Clubs/events can be set to be open to non-members

    • Events can be open to non-members or closed (public/private)


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