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SHAREDO: Binghamton Food Sharing Application

Web application for Binghamton University to share the extra food left after any event. Anyone who wants to share the food can login as event manager. He/She can click a picture of the food, describe/tag the type of food ,add the address for pick-up and then post it. Registered users receive notifications. The users will have access to track the location of the food, read the description of the food and how much quantity is available.

MVP Description:



Must/ Should/ Nice to have


A user must be able to login/sign-up into the app using secure credentials


User/ Event Manager

Person must be able to clarify whether he/she is a consumer or facilitator


Post Creation Facility

An event manager must be able to post it in the app


Post Visibility

A Student must be able to see the posts created by the Event Manager


Post Details

A viewer must have details about description of food and other details such as location and availability


Post Notification Email

An email should be sent to every registered person to notify about a new post about free food


Post Updates

Changes in food availability/location should be notified


Post Age

A post should have an age to show how old that post is apart from the timestamp of posting


Post Share to other Social Media

Every post shall have a share to other social media application share option

Nice to have



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